(Despite its name this page is not about me but about strange buildings and architecture in Almere, the Netherlands. I hope you find this interesting.)

Satan's Square Almere

Almere is a newly built town on reclaimed land in the IJsselmeer near Amsterdam. Housing development started from 1976 onwards and the present population is around 200,000. The Stationsplein (Station Square) was developed around 1980. Its outlines resemble the face of the horned god in Wicca and European pre-Christian witchcraft cults on official Almere city maps until 2015. The face does not represent the real situation as the small alleys that should make up the horns are not there. The horns are suggested on the map by the roof extension of the station building. A real existing alley on the right side of the square has been omitted from the map to make a symmetric face. Some senior illuminati/hermetic officer within the council apparently took great care that the square was being depicted as the horned god on official city maps anyhow.


Utopia Tower

The Station Square in Almere has been depicted on official city maps as the face of a horned god looking at the Utopiatoren (Utopia Tower) through the Stationsstraat over a distance of exactly one mile. The tower was designed around 1996 by urban planning expert Paul de Maar and was erected by the Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling (Department of Urban Development). Project leader then was Dick van den Berg. The free line of vision to the Utopia Tower was maintained carefully during the extension of the city centre (2005-2007) under supervision of former alderman Adri Duivesteijn.


Symbolic Hand Statue

A bronze statue (insert in the picture) was erected in Almere in 2012 positioned on the line of free vision from the face of the horned god at the Satansplein, sorry, Stationsplein (Station Square) to the Utopiatoren (Utopia Tower). The statue is called Voortvarend (energetic; literally: sailing further) and the artist is Siemen Bolhuis. According to Bolhuis, a ship held by the hand represents Almere rising from the sea, although it has the shape of a disc segment rather than a ship. Compare the statue with the two hands on the pillars in front of the NSI Headquarters in Maryland USA (large image). Note the pyramid with capstone and the black and white striping like the striping on the Utopiatoren in Almere. As all the statues are not particularly nice or pleasant to the eye, their purpose can only be symbolic.


Floriade 2022 Almere

The coming 7th edition of the international floral exhibition Floriade 2022 (theme: City of the Future) will not be around the Almere Castle (which would have been more logical) but will be at the Utopia Tower due to negotiations by former alderman Adri Duivesteijn. Costs for the Floriade 2022 were estimated officially at exactly 77 (!) million euros. There is a reason for this number. Freemason lodges, for instance, are located preferentially at number 77 (e.g. Hoge Gouwe in Gouda, Turfsingel in Groningen, Waldeck Pyrmontsingel in Nijmegen). The Pentagon, which has been built at 77 degrees longitude and 38.5 (77 divided by 2) degrees latitude, was hit in 2001 by a plane with flight number 77. Freemason Anders Breivik shot people in 2011 until 77 persons were killed. Please also note the geometrical shapes in the plan. The project is squeezed between the motorway and the high-voltage power line (black dots in the lake). The format is not really horticultural nor botanical as for instance plants will be arranged by their name in Latin and not by their soil and water requirements. Plants and flowers are apparently not at all important but the plan for the Floriade 2022, like the Olympic Games, is apparently meant to send a freemason/illuminati message to the world.


Satan's Square

The outlines of the Stationsplein (Station Square) in Almere in the Netherlands, on official city maps by the Almere city council (insert in the picture) until 2015, had the shape of the horned god from Wicca or the illuminati/freemason world. The face was not there on Falk's city map (large image, roughly at the same scale as the insert). Falk apparently tries to wipe out all illuminati symbols as even the free line of vision from the Stationsplein to the Utopiatoren (Utopia Tower) has been removed.


UFO Landing Strip Almere


Almere in the Netherlands has its own UFO landing strip. Apparently some high officials within the city council believe in aliens. The 18 meters (59 feet) wide tarmac strip is known officially as the Sas van Gentlaan. The lane is not connected to other roads but is dead-ended at both sides. The perpendicular lines are gutters along rows of lights that face upwards. The plain ugly strip is supposed to be land art and is part of a complex of the Baken Trinitas College and sports accommodations designed and built between 2004 and 2006 by SP Architecten in Waddinxveen. The principal was the Almere council. Costs of the tarmac strip were approximately 200,000 to 250,000 euros of taxpayers' money.


Almere Poort

Almere Poort Station is another extremely vast, ugly, and empty square in Almere in the Netherlands. No protection against the wind here. Cultuurspoor Nieuw Land, a heavily state-funded art foundation, developed the Portalmere project for the railway station. The design is by Jan Schilder and comprises a concrete pillar and an obelisk, together forming a gateway or "poort". A chrome so-called pyramidion on top of the obelisk is being referred to as the Egyptian missing benben stone in the general description that goes with the project. The sun god Helios is also mentioned. The gateway is said to shine brightly in the morning sun (conf. golden dawn as in Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). It will be illuminated with LED lights in various colours at night. Please note the non-harmonic colour scheme on the obelisk. Freemasonry is not interested in harmony. The G in the freemason symbol stands for geometry as they see it as God's language. The whole project is plain ugly, un-Dutch, and can only be seen as some illuminati/freemasonry symbol. The present foundation board members of Cultuurspoor are: Michel Jager, Jaap Reijnders, Jan de Vletter, Willy van der Most, Anneke Leeuwe, Nico de Bruijne, and Ans van Berkum. Marcel Kolder is design officer.


Tree Circles Almere

Several tree circles such as along Strawinskypad and Schultepad/Bougainvillepad characterise Almere in the Netherlands. There is even a Cirkelbos (Circle Forest, the insert in the photograph is an aerial view) of Staatsbosbeheer. Considering the size of the trees, they must have been planted at a very early stage. The tree circles must have been one of the only things visible around 1980 as there were hardly any buildings then. The strange circles could have drawn the attention of freemason architects and/or illuminati who apparently started to gather in Almere from that moment on.


Illuminati duo Almere

Why might Adri Duivesteijn (top) and Henk Mulder (bottom), former aldermen in the city council of Almere in the Netherlands, be illuminati or at least perpetrators of an illuminati agenda? In the first place they seem very happy with the many cubic-shaped and/or megalomaniac building projects in Almere in recent years. These projects are characterised by their strict emphasis on geometry (God's language according to freemasons) in the facades up to the top of the buildings (no visible roofs) which is underlined by using dull grey colours or non-harmonic colour schemes. There is no place for symmetry, balance (large elements at the bottom, smaller elements at the top of the design), building traditions in the Netherlands, or anything on a human scale. This yields buildings that are plain ugly for most people. The reason for Duivesteijn's and Mulder's obsessions with the grey megalomania in Almere might be that it signals (as illuminati can not organise board meetings of course) their deadly grip on society and their determination to help create the New World Order. Secondly, Adri Duivesteijn only did a vague social study while Henk Mulder only went to an agricultural college. Despite their comparative low education, they were somehow able to reach their high positions within the Dutch government even on a young age. Thirdly, both keep on using specific ecofascist buzz words like sustainability (and not protection of the environment) and participation (instead of democracy). And finally, the line of free vision from the face of the horned Wicca god on the Stationsplein (Station Square) to the Utopiatoren (Utopia Tower) where the 77 million euro Floriade 2022 will be was maintained carefully and even underlined with the Bolhuis statue under their supervision.


Almere Pyramids

A striking compound composed of two pyramids was built at the Kloosterbos in Almere, the Netherlands in 2012. The buildings are a true copy of the great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. Angles are 51° 51’ and floor sizes are 3 and 4 pi meters long and wide. Both pyramids are covered with shiny gold-coloured aluminium plates and show circles and six-pointed stars as windows. The project was commissioned by Robert van Harten (who established Mira International, Indian import and grocery) and Sattwa Valk. They want to use the complex as both a house and a meditation centre and state that the origin of the window symbols is India. The circle centre should represent the highest state of consciousness. The upwards directed triangle in the star represents the human aspiration and the downwards directed triangle the answer to that  aspiration. Harmony, co-operation, and dynamic perfection in the design are pivotal according to van Harten and Valk. The building design is by Willem van Seumeren of the Architectencentrale in Amsterdam. Compare the star with Solomon's seal by for instance Hermes Trismegistus. On the left is former PvdA (Dutch Labour party) alderman Adri Duivesteijn in Almere.


Illuminati Avenue Evenaar

Anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the sovjet-style New World Order might visit the Evenaar (Equator) in Almere, the Netherlands. It is an enormous desolate space for a completely un-Dutch and Stalin-approved avenue aligned with grim building blocks (top left) in dull grey or brown colours. Its size really dwarfs you and bicyclists have absolutely no protection against the wind here. There is no place for harmony, romantics, or anything on a human scale as only megalomania and strict geometry (the freemason G stands for geometry as they see it as God's language) are allowed. The avenue starts and ends with a large roundabout. Thousands of trees were cut around 2006 to provide space for a useless elongation of the avenue and it is now 3,300 meters long (2.05 miles, from centre to centre of the roundabouts) and 100 meters wide (between the opposite facades of the building blocks at both sides), giving a 33:1 ratio. Due to this elongation at the north end a third roundabout called Zenit is now positioned exactly halfway. Alderman Henk Smeeman opened a new skate park and cycle track on the Evenaar in 2006 after a refurbishment in which also strange triangular hills were erected. The cycle track looks like a gigantic folded ruler (insert left) with a division in meters. An apparent master plan dictates that all building blocks (built from 1980 and still going on) should have a strict cubic shape, except for some Chinese and Thai restaurants and a remarkable concentration of oriental temples and a mosque (left). There is a Buddhist pagoda (bottom left), a Hindu temple (under construction in 2014), and a Congress Centre with transcendental mediation courses being given next to the Chinese restaurant (bottom right). Alderman Berdien Steunenberg called the Evenaar a reli-boulevard in 2012 (compare with the 77 meters high multi-religious Pyramid of Peace and Accord in the illuminati capital Astana in Kazakhstan).


Almere UFOs

Some senior officials within the Almere city council share a strange fascination for UFOs. The top left shows an art object next to the Baken Park highschool at the Bunuellaan. The 320 m (350 yards) long and 18 m (59 feet) wide tarmac strip on the top right is known as the Sas van Gentlaan. The street, next to Trinitas college and dead-ended at both sides, is supposed to be landscape art but as it is plain ugly it can only be meant as a UFO landing strip including appraoch lights. Middle left shows the Fashion Centre at the Veluwezoom. The object at the middle right is located next to the World Trade Center Almere at the Oudweg. Compare all the Almere objects with the decaying soviet monument at Buzludzha in Bulgaria below. Soviet architecture showed a preoccupation with space ships and UFOs too. Please keep in mind that most of this has been paid for by taxpayers' money and without any consultation with the people.


Former GroenLinks fraction leader Ruud Pet

As a city council member and leader of the GroenLinks (the green left) fraction Ruud Pet showed some peculiar signalling during council board meetings. It might not be as innocent as it looked, as Ruud Pet was very pleased with e.g. the building of the soviet-style megalomania in the new city centre, although 130 council flats (Schipperkade) needed to be demolished that were less than 15 years old. He also favoured the widening of bicycle lanes which required that many trees were cut. That is why there are bright red and over 4 meters (!) (14 feet) wide tarmac strips in Almere, the most of which hardly being used by the bicyclists. His not-so-green obsessions can be explained easily by the common phenomenon of freemason officials in public administration and freemason building contractors helping one another (thanks to http://almereachterbuurtnieuws.blogspot.nl/ for the photographs).


Bilthoven and its freemason Mayor Sjoerd Potters

A faux pas to Bilthoven as the situation there illustrates clearly that freemasonry is the antagonist of democracy. Mayor Sjoerd Potters (middle rows) shows the same hand signalling (recently developed freemason inversed pyramid sign as opposed to the illuminati pyramid sign) as Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (top left) and Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte (top right). Note the freemason handshake (with the thumb bent towards the opposing index finger) exchanged with other men from the local administration elite like vice-mayor Hans Mieras (lower middle row left) and chairman Frans Poot of the local council (lower middle row right). Please also note the freemason signs (bottom) placed at the roundabout next to the railway station in Bilthoven in 2017. More and more trees are being cut in Bilthoven and the surface area of tarmac is increasing sharply nowadays. This is because freemasons help one another in secret to the top of the administration and building contractors and there they decide about you and your environment. You will hardly ever meet a freemason in an ordinary job. You think you live in a democracy but an enlighted elite governs the country. That is why things happen as they do. A nonelected elite that can not be held accountable for by the society arranges a new European Reich, including censorship and political indoctrination, by signalling strange messages. And you pay for it but you have no say in it.


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